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Family Day 2017

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Family Day 2017

“Welcome to the family,
We are glad that you have come
To share your life with us,
As we grow in love,
And may we always be to you
What God would have us be,
A family always there,
To be strong and to lean on”

TKK Plus realizes that keep in touch, communication, togetherness of students, parents, teachers and staff as family is important. To fulfill that aim, school invited parents and students to have fun in Family Day 2017 on Friday, 7 September 2017 at 8-11am. Teachers as crews arranged various excited activities such as do flash mob “baby shark”, make team building in arranging puzzle, do fun agility games (bakiak, take chocolate coin by mouth, passing the water sponge, eat the banana by blind fold, arranging the cups together) and do “tarik tambang” game. Every parent & kid group was so excited in saying the cheer of group. We enjoyed the activity by chatting, making team building, increasing sense of belonging of our school. There was photo booth corner for capturing our family moment. At the end of family day, each group was so curious who would be the winner of each game. Surprisingly all of the group could be the winner in family day, because of their best effort in each game. They were invited to come on the stage to get gift happily.  Family Day was so fun and excited. See you in the next Family Day. God bless us.

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