The Story Of Joseph - K1 Students Presentation
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The Story Of Joseph - K1 Students Presentation

On 25 November 2020, 37 K1 students presented “The Story Of Joseph” in online Presentation via zoom. The story was taken from Genesis (Bible). From the story teachers educated and invited the students to forgive one another as Joseph forgave his brother and God forgave us.


In ice breaker of presentation, there were 2 games : Math and Phonics games, as the review of students’ lesson in first semester. Students counted the amount of the picture and guessed the beginning letter of the picture shown. What a nice effort and performance by K1 students in this presentation. At the ending of the presentation students sang together “Forgiveness” song, and gave star to Mommy / Daddy who support, accompany, and motivate them in home learning and practicing the presentation. As the appreciation of students’ effort and hard work, teachers involved parents to give reward for the students.


We would like to appreciate all students’, parents’ and teachers’ effort, team work, collaboration in practicing, preparing and holding this presentation. Hopefully by having this presentation, it could increase family bonding among students and parents and also facilitate students to be more confidence and expressive in growing their speaking skills among their friends, parents and teachers. Well done Kids, thank you Parents, good job K1 Teachers. See you in the next event. May God bless us.  



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