News Update23 Oktober 2017 17:50:01: English fun Day 2017 is Totally Unforgettable

English fun Day 2017 is Totally Unforgettable

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23 Oktober 2017 - 17:50:01 Posted by admin / Kategori : Umum / Hits : 538
English fun Day 2017 is Totally Unforgettable

“Hi! It’s great to finally meet you again”, Ms Gina* said warmly. “Welcome to our English Fun Day. Come on, let’s enjoy our special event! We are having fun now”, Ms Gina cheered the students and teachers. “I love English” and “I speak English” became our yell today. Most students from Pre Play Group, Play Group, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 imitated the yell and made the gesture. Ms Gina invited her girl puppet friend, named Jesslyn to greet the students of TKK Plus. Jesslyn told her activity at school interactively to the students. Kids were so excited to listen to the story and answered the question from Jesslyn. In the story telling, Ms Gina gave some sentences that students should repeat, “Where are you going?”, “May, I borrow your color pencil, please? ”, “Miss, May I go to toilet, please?”, “Good bye and thank you, Miss.”

After story telling, it’s time for us to have fun games. It was called the Longest Breath. There were 3 representatives from PG, K1 and K2 students to prolong pronouncing the word “Engli……………………………………….sh”. The duration of each member of the group in prolonging it was accumulated to get the group’s overall duration. Most of the group could pronounce it in 5-15 seconds, but the red team could pronounced it until 17 seconds. Good job red team!

The other game was All About My Body Relay. PP students gave the gesture, one of PG students showed the picture, one of K1 students mentioned the word, one of K2 students spelled the word. For example when PP students jumped, then PG student showed the picture of feet, one of K1 students said “jump”, K2 student spelled “f-e-e-t”.  When PP students clapped their hands, then PG student showed the picture of hands, K1 student said “hands”, K2 student spelled “h-a-n-d-s”. It was attractive and interesting games, the students would know more about vocabulary, listening & spelling.

The last game was “baby shark dance challenge”. While the “baby shark” song was being played, the students and teachers were dancing excitedly. To my surprise the kids  remembered the choreography of the dance and the lyrics of the song well from the beginning to the end. Awesome, Kids!

At the end of the event, we prayed and were thankful for God’s guidance during this event. The students received a stationery kit as souvenir from teachers. To end this event we had photo session by taking the students photo group by group.

And finally came the time to say goodbye. Thank you very much, it was an amazing and fun English teaching learning process. Thank you so much to Ms Gina for facilitating us in this event. We can develop our English skill in a fun way.  English fun Day 2017 was totally unforgettable. May God bless us.


Note: Ms. Gina is a TKK-SDK Plus PENABUR Cirebon Expatriate teacher*

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