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Bible Day of TKK PENABUR Cijayu

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23 Oktober 2017 - 17:07:52 Posted by admin / Kategori : Umum / Hits : 477
Bible Day of TKK PENABUR Cijayu

Saturday morning, on October 21st 2017, became special day for TKK BPK PENABUR Cijayu (Cirebon, Cirebon Plus, Jamblang, Jatibarang and Indramayu). It was because we held the first Bible Day together. The theme of this Bible Day was “Jesus Loves Me”. This was one of TKK PENABUR Cijayu program to develop students’ character based on Christian Values. Students of TKK PENABUR sang songs and danced excitedly. TKK PENABUR Cirebon performed solo song and ballet “Pertolongan-Mu begitu ajaib”, TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon sang 5 songs that were created by teachers, such as “Be Patient; Hello, how are you?; Line up; Sharing; and Jesus loves me ”. TKK PENABUR Indramayu, Jatibarang and  Jamblang’s students performed the dances beautifully. We also invited kids who haven’t had school yet to join this event. They danced on the stage confidently accompanied by the song with “More-More-More”.

At the beginning students had praise and worship "Jesus loves me", "Jesus loves the little Children", "Walking with Jesus excitedly". Then they saw & listened to Puppet Show. The story was taken from Bible “The Prodigal Son” (Luke 5:11-31). He wanted to be free and asked the money from the father. He spent the money wastefully and became poor. Finally he realized that living without father was a big mistake. He asked forgiveness from his father and the father forgave him. His big brother was jealous of him. The Father advised him to create good relationship again with his brother. At the end of the puppet show finally father and 2 brothers had a good relationship.

There were some fun games that made children so happy. The first game (for 2 years old) was taking the paper according to the color. They were very anthusiasting to have this game. The next game was building the highest and strongest tower from 10 boxes of cake. The students built  the tower so fast. After the time was up, some of the towers collapsed because they were not built tidily. The last game was putting the balls into the holed cloth. The team work of kids was so natural, “Move here, wait, stop…”, they shouted to their friends. Each of the winners of the game got gift, “yeay…..yippy, thank you”, all the kids were very happy. Committee appreciated the children that came to Bible Day by giving lunch and goody bags. Let’s grow our faith and our character based on Christian values at TKK BPK PENABUR. See you on the next event. May God bless all of us.

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