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- Festival Anak Nusantara “Untukmu Indonesiaku” was so Amazing!!! -

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27 Oktober 2017 - 21:25:31 Posted by admin / Kategori : Umum / Hits : 539
- Festival Anak Nusantara “Untukmu Indonesiaku” was so Amazing!!! -

For Commemorating Hari Sumpah Pemuda BPK Plus PENABUR Cirebon held 3 big events on October 27-28th, 2017. They were Open House at School, Street Carnival and Students’ performance in the mall.  In the Open House we invite all the students from other school / kids who hadn’t have school yet to develop their talent and ability by joining some competitions, such as baby and kid dancing, colase, Ranking 1 (for kindergarten), Singing Competition, Ranking 1 (for Primary), Story telling and Modern Dance (for Junior and Senior High). Open House was started at 8 am-12.30 at BPK Plus PENABUR Jl. Pemuda No 61. Not only competitions, there were also students performances. PP and PG students danced “penguin” attractively. K1 dan K2 students performed modern and ballet beautifully. Beside the competitions and performances, students could enjoy the food bazaar also. Praise the Lord it run well.


In the afternoon, students, teachers and parents communication forum of BPK Plus went to Gedung Wanita. We were ready to have Street Carnival. The concept of street carnival was “out of the box". Student from each class wore specific traditional costume from Nusantara (Sumatran, Java, Balinese, Kalimantan, and Papua). Not only wore the costume, they danced also on the street by following the traditional music. Some of SMPK-SMAK Plus PENABUR students wore The Caruban Carnival Costume. Although it was so heavy, they walked beautifully and proudly. TKK Plus students also cheered this event. By wearing traditional costume from East Java, they sitting down in the pedicab and joining the street carnival. At the front of the street carnival, there was marching band from the studnents of Akademi Maritim Cirebon. They played the traditional instrument attractively and entertaining. Sometimes they showed their ability by moving and swinging their instrument up and down, to the right and to the left.


When we arrived at BPK PENABUR school, students of Akademi Maritim Cirebon continued the marching band attraction. In this event, Mr Benjamin Setiabudi as the chairman of BPK PENABUR Cirebon proud of students, teacher and parents’ effort to preserving the National Culture. The Major and chairman of  Education Offices at Cirebon also supported and appreciated this event. To end the event students from Kindergarten, Primary, Junior and Senior High School and teachers had flash mob and photo session with School Board of BPK PENABUR, Marching Band Of Akademi Maritim Cirebon, parents communication forum. Praise the Lord Festival Anak Nusantara Untukmu Indonesiaku could run well. Let’s prepare  the colossal performance of BPK Plus PENABUR Cirebon for tomorrow at CSB Mall. May God bless us


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