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Happy Passover Everyone

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02 April 2018 - 22:33:21 Posted by admin / Kategori : Pengumuman / Hits : 306
Happy Passover Everyone

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 27-28 March 2018, TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon celebrated Passover.
We had praise, worship and devotion time together. The theme of Easter was "Give Thanks To Jesus" 
Mr Agung Prasetya (GKI Pengampon) told a story telling about Jesus who give us everything, parents’ loving, teacher’s caring, friendship from friends, students’ need.
He invited the students to give thanks by apreciating and obeying parents, studying hard, and being grateful with all His blessing.
On the next day, we had circle time and some easter games, such us egg decorating, egg finding, egg pulling, egg marathon.
The students were so happy and excited doing the games.
After doing the games, they had lunch together. The students took the food independently and they tried to managed their lunch portion and they could finished their lunch.
It was unforgettable easter celebration for kids.
At the end, the students received goody bag "recorder" and stationery.
Thank you teachers for facilitating the event. Happy Passover everyone.

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