Mini Zoo and Field TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon
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Mini Zoo and Field TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon

Hello friends, now there is a mini zoo and mini field at TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon,, TKK Plus students are so happy when they see the animals in the TKK Plus mini zoo... There are two adorable rabbits, a white one named Lala and a grey one named Lolo. TKK Plus students usually give carrots and mustard greens for Lala and Lolo to eat during nature lessons. Besides rabbits, there are fish and turtles. Students love to observe how the fish swim or the turtles sleep.

In addition to the mini zoo, there is also a mini field; usually, students learn to plant, water and care for vegetables so that they grow well. Many plants have been cared for by TKK Plus students, including corn, spinach, mustard greens, eggplant, and chili. When it is fruitful and ready to harvest, students usually harvest the vegetables, take them home, or cook and eat them together at school.

With the mini zoo and mini field at TKK Plus, we hope students can learn to love animals, plants, and the environment.

Thank you, God bless you.

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