Mandarin Presentation TKK PLUS PENABUR Cirebon 2024
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Mandarin Presentation TKK PLUS PENABUR Cirebon 2024

TKK PLUS PENABUR CIREBON- Hello friends, on February 23, 2024, TKK Plus PENABUR Cirebon held a Mandarin Presentation.

All TKK Plus students and their parents attended this event. All students prepared and practiced the presentation from 1 month ago.  

The PP class made the first presentation with the theme of Farm Animals. They introduced themselves and mentioned the names of animals using Mandarin. This presentation invited PP students to learn and memorize the animals’ names in Mandarin.

The PG class did the second presentation with the theme I Love My Family. In this presentation, the PG class was invited to recognize family names in Mandarin. PG students have practiced so that they can all memorize and mention correctly. In addition, with this theme, students can learn to love others more, especially family.

Next was the K1 class presentation with the Part of My Body theme. In addition to learning the names of body parts in Mandarin, K1 students also learned to take care of their bodies because our bodies belong to God and take care because God has given us good body parts.

The last presentation was K2 class. K2 presentation with The Food and Drink theme. The students explained the food and drinks in Mandarin and told what they liked. The presentation was closed with the distribution of angpao and photos with parents.

What a great performance, kiddos!

We thank all the parents who continuously support our event.

Thank you, and see you at the next event. God bless you!.

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