Fun Fair 2021
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Fun Fair 2021

On October 29-30, TK-SD PENABUR Cirebon held a Fun Fair with the theme "Panggil Aku Indonesia". This activity was filled with webinar and various competitions. There are singing competition, photogenic competition, and TikTok competition. The competition was attended by various participants from kindergarten until elementary school.

The program was aired on YouTube PENABURCIREBON ID and was packaged very attractively. There were many performances and door prizes.

The Webinar was held on 30 October with the theme "Siap Hadapi Pembelajaran Tatap Muka?" to prepare children and parents for onsite learning. And continued with Fun Trial Class for students who will enter school.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition. Thank you to the students and parents who have participated in the competition and in the webinar.

For more details, it can be seen on YouTube.



See you next year.

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